Encore Consignment Inc. Agreement


*Encore Consignment does not accept items that are dated, dirty, damaged, out of season, over-worn, pilled, stained, or in disrepair*

1. What Encore Consignment Accepts:

Encore Consignment accepts based on quality, not quantity. Encore Consignment only accepts clothing and accessories suitable for the type of market Encore Consignment sees fitting to the customer base. Encore Consignment has the right to refuse items for any reason.


2. Conditions:

Consignors receive 40%. Items have 60 days of floor time. After the first 30 days, items then become subject to discount at Encore’s discretion. Pricing of all items is at the sole discretion of Encore Consignment.


3. Drop Off:

In order to drop off items at Encore Consignment, an appointment is necessary. You may make appointments in person, or call to book a drop-off date.


4. Account Activity:

Once credit has been logged to your account, you may shop at any time using that credit. If you would like to receive a cheque, you must contact Encore Consignment by phone or in person and request to be put on the payout list. There is a cheque fee for all payouts. Cheques will not be issued for amounts less than $50.


5. Quantity:

Encore Consignment accepts 40 items, or one large bag maximum, per appointment. Consignors may only book one appointment per day. Anything over the limits listed above will incur a $10.00 handling fee.


6. Disclaimer:

Encore is not responsible for any mishandling, theft, or damage of items and has no responsibility to pay the consignor for any unsold articles. All donations go to a charity in need.